Sunday, January 09, 2005

Knitters Without Borders

Well folks, the Yarn Harlot has done it again.

Rather than just being a true inspiration and leaving it at that, she has effectively started her own charity, Knitters without Borders.

I urge all of you to go and donate to this wonderful cause.

In other news, now that the holidays are over I should have time to update this blog (and my school blog) regularly.

I'm still figuring out how to do the spiffy sidebar thingies with percentages of completed projects, but here's my update:

1) Kerry's red pocketed scarf, in chenille yarn: COMPLETE! She's off to NZ wearing it today.
2) Red and grey felted bag: COMPLETE - exchange in the LJ KWB exchange
3) Tammy's blue fuzzy scarf: 35%
4) Pink and white Pixie scarf: 40%
5) 100% wool grey socks: 3%
6) green thrummed heaband: 45%
7) Patricia's grey tweed sweater: 0%
8) bunny rabbit blanket: 5%

Pictures will be forthcoming when I manage to bring the digital camera home from school.

Speaking of the school, we've hit 100 scarves, 15 hats, 4 pairs of mitts, 7 vest/sweater/jackets, and more for the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund! My kids are FAN-tastic!


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