Saturday, December 01, 2007

Updates and Such

Let's see, updates updates...

I've lost 30 lbs. That's a happy happy thing. 20 more before March is needed, and is definitely possible.

I've finished a bunch of little projects, including a felted purple mottled top hat.

We bought a dishwasher. This may sound boring, but it's utterly delightful in terms of sheer cleaning of the kitchen goodness.

We also got a new firdge, an all-fridge fridge, far more energy efficient and SO much more space than the 20 year old can't-put-anything-on-the-door, two shelved mold-making wonder we had before.

I actually bought a digital camera, so more pictures are also a possibility, including, perhaps, one of me with the new short (!) haircut. My hair went from dark brown, curly, and mid back length to chin length in the front and 2 inches in the back, caramel with gold highlights, and far straighter (due to the dye, I think). It's a bit of a shock, but people have been overwhelmingly positive.

Is it a bit selfish to wish someone had said "I liked your hair before"? (Except my wife, who did, because she likes me, just as me. I'm blessed and I know it.) A few hundred "Wow! You look good!" or "Huh, you're pretty today." are nice ego boosters, but leave me wondering if the rest of the time people were thinking "Geez, why doesn't she just...". Of course, this may be influenced by the fact that the student teacher in my class has decided to teach the fashion unit with What Not to Wear as the end activity. The victim? Yours truly. The kids lit up with glee when they were told, and I got reactions like "Miss! Yes! I'm SO changing your hair/face/those eyebrows have got to go (I LIKE my eyebrows, that isn't happening)/makeup/clothes/Miss, don't worry, you'll look good for a change."

*grins* I love teaching. Honest.



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