Thursday, January 27, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Five years ago today, the most beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, perfect woman in the world said that she would be my girlfriend. Through university, through adversity, through family spats and governmental scares, she's walked by my side. When we met, marriage was impossible, so we've counted our partnership from that date. Last June we married, but in my heart, this is also our anniversary, and possibly more real then the one where the government admitted what we both knew already.

Happy anniversary, my lady love. May the next fifty years be as joyous as the past five.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You have two days to celebrate, after 10 years my girlfriend and I still fight over which day to actually call our anniversary! We do however agree that it is sometime in January (most of the time).


3:48 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY!!! CONGA-RATS to you both, and bright wishes for many long years ahead.

Thanks for stopping by ...

8:39 p.m.  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Love and kisses to you both!

5:49 p.m.  
Blogger Tess said...

Hi Orris, Congrats on your anniversary. The yarn I used to make Rose Petals is from (pure merino worsted) and I used size 15 needles. I'm also working on the lotus blossom shawl.

7:38 p.m.  
Blogger Lara said...

Congrats on your Anniversary:) Your post was so sweet, it made me teary!

12:39 a.m.  

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