Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Knitting PICS!

Hello fearless reader.

Today, I commit myself to finishing things.

I commit myself to finishing ALL of the projects shown below BEFORE Canada Day.

Given that it's -40 degrees (same C as F at that temp, neat, eh?), July 1st seems to be an awfully long way away. Also, please note, the two shawls are being knitted by my dear wife, who is also weaving in the bedroom. That's not too much, is it? Please?

(Orris quietly hides Tammy's fluffy scarf, Patricia's sweater, and the school-projects from you all. Nothing to look at outside of the house. Out of house and in the car projects don't count. Nope nope nope.)

I also commit myself to finishing the mountain of marking in my bedroom (due next Tuesday), the piles of my own coursework in the desk drawer (due Friday), and the prep for next semester's courses (starting Feb.2).

Finally, I commit myself to making me a healthier person. Starting February 1st, I have a member at a gym, and a prescription for Xenical from my doctor. She's known me over 15 years, and suggested this. I've agreed. If I want to have kids soon, I have got to drop some weight.

So, to make myself accountable, I have posted these photos of my projects, admitted my dates, and now I'll do the unthinkable. I'll publically, for the first time since Grade 5, state my weight.

*drumroll and hushed awe please*

I weigh 254 lbs.

This time next year, I want to weigh 200. Yes, that's still obese, but it's sensible, achievable, and realistic.

Soooo...I'm going to knit instead of eating, and exercise instead of stressing, and be happy because I have a wonderful job, a fantastically brilliant and supportive wife, a very wonderful family, and friends online and off who are just great.

Now, I'm off to knit.



Blogger Michele said...

You are a truly brave woman! Committing yourself to finishing all these projects publically! A better knitter than I, my lady! I wish I had your stones! LOL!! ;-)

Best of luck with all your goals!

10:18 p.m.  

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