Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Two FO's and a Whole New Semester

Oh, dear readers, such exciting times!

I finished Tammy's fuzzy blue scarf (baby blue ChaCha and Patons's baby yarn). Of course, I didn't manage to photograph it before the gift giving.

I also finished a blue variagated version of Autumnsnowdust's Rose Petal Scarf. I took it to school, hoping to take a picture of it. Unfortunately, the yearbook kids, bless them, had both cameras signed out. No problem, thought I. As it turned out, it was a problem. Another teacher BOUGHT IT from me within 30 minutes of seeing it. A second teacher then offered to buy yarn for me if I would knit two more for her children.

TWO FO in two days. Oh frabjous day!

In other news, I've lost 5.5 lbs. With this new semester (2 classes instead of 4), I'm hoping to be a funnier, more erudite, skinnier blogger. I didn't manage to exercise today, but I will soon. Our school is trying to match Terry Fox. He ran for the same numbr of days as this semester contains, so all of the teachers in the school are trying to collectively match his mileage.

Finally, I got my new classes today. So far, so good. The Grade 9's in my drama class bought in, playing the games, no protests, no sitting out. The Grade 11 World Religions course is full of neat, interested, interestING people who are really looking forward to learning. Well, except one. He wandered in ten minutes late, sauntered to his seat, asked if the personal info sheet had to "be handed in", interrupted a few times to ask if there would be writing in this class (?!?!), and complained about the fact that he now has homework (2 paragraphs, barely anything).

*holds her fingers to her temples and closes her eyes* I have a vision. I see...I see...I see someone who will voluntarily drop the course in the next month. *grin*

One last small school problem that's also a knitting problem. I no longer have the pattern for the Flower Basket Shawl. A student borrowed my copy of the magazine containing the pattern to work on a different pattern over the exam break. She left the magazine on the bus. I don't really want to buy a backorder copy of the magazine, but ....*shrug*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny Funny humor!

I linked to the Llama song a few days ago. Gotta love it!

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