Saturday, May 07, 2005

You Spin Me Right Round (or, i'm not at the Maryland Thingy Either, but I Don't Mind)

Yay! Today I finally learned how to use my spinning wheel. With the extensive aid of the kindly and proficient Elizabeth Watt, I learned to spin.

Nope, you can't see pictures; the camera is at school. however, I will tell you that I love love love my Louet. Elizabeth was wise and made sure that our spinning class had the opportunity to try different wheels than our own. After trying a few double treadles, and a castle wheel, I returned gratefully to my own.

I must admit to being a little wistful that the Sleeping Beauty style wheel didn't feel as good as it looked, but at least I don't have to buy one now. Well, maybe not. I think. It really depends on what my dear wife decides SHE enjoys spinning on. Oh, yes, and on us getting a house.

We're coming to the conclusion that it's about a year before we can truly afford a decent house. That's another year of a one bedroom, quite small, apartment containing a yarn stash, a cat, a 36 inch Leclerc floor loom, and a spinning wheel. *grin* We're cozy and warm all the way through winter.

Before I continue, thank you for kind comments and emails. That grotty day was cheered immensely by your words, EVERYONE'S words, not just Stephanie's. Although I was tickled pink to get an email from Dear Wife saying "Harlot reads YOU", I was equally tickled that Elizabeth, the lovely spinning teacher lady (who wore her Yarn-A-Go-Go shirt today), and "dyke", whose Downward Facing Life I read religiously, and Sara, who I think is in Great Britain and whose life makes me put everything in perspective, also commented. Hmmmm...and the English teacher writes yet another run on sentence. Ah well, it's true.

In other news, I've almost finished the first of 9 baby blankets. Yep. Nine. Why nine you ask? Well, because that's how many people at work are having, or have had in the last two months, new babies.

As for the walking/running. I can walk 5km. I can't run. Not at all. So, having accepted this, I'm going to aim for being able to walk the 5km fast this time, and register for one in fall to run. I'm not giving up. If Terry Fox can run a marathon a day on one leg, I can get off m'arse and walk. (great pep talk, eh? note the lack of off-arsedness? Shhhhh)

So happy cheerful me is back, on top of life again, and signing off to tackle the mountain of dishes that occurred when our apartment's water supply was suddenly non-existent. We have water, and spinning, and knitting, and life is good good good.

May you all be well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Britain??? ! I'm in Rochester as in NY - across the little pond from you I believe :) I mean, I like Great Britain, and have friends there, and very nearly took a job in Wales which I'm still a bit wistful about not taking....but nope, I'm from Rochester. With loooooonnnnggggggg winters just like Toronto.

glad you're feeling better - I WAS in MD at the S&W thang - let's just say - it was amazing. Crowded, but lots o' eye candy.

-- Sara

1:57 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS - I use a Louet too - love it. I'm thinking of adding the fast and the wide flyers and new bobbins etc. We'll see. --Sara

1:58 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got a string of Sara's reading you ... better watch out!

I'm envious of your wheel. I have wanted one for ages, but have yet to be settled enough for a wheel. Maybe when I get back from the Peace Corps.

I still can't believe you got the Harlot to comment. Kalamazoo is the closest shi's come to me. And I can't even get there.

Glad you're feeling better. Love the wedding photos.

12:11 p.m.  

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