Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bleedin' Money and Lovin' It

Well, in every dark cloud is a silver lining, they say.

During my poor Mya-cat's last few days with us, she soiled our couch. Really really soiled. ICKY.

Of course, no cat can ever let another cat have the last word, so our surviving cat, Tora, marked over the soiling. Repeatedly. With malice aforethought. And probably malice anafterthought. And definite little kitty pride, since she woke me this morning by throwing herself at our bedroom door, mewing like her heart was going to break.

I, thinking that the world was coming to an end, opened the door, expecting to find a half-dismembered cat. Instead, tail high and proud, Tora ran to the couch. Then to me, then to the couch. "Look look, master, that bugger Timmy fell down the well again. Come see." (I always figured cats would've made awful Lassies.)

Following Tora's clue, I strolled over to our couch. The Nature's Miracle (a cat pee cleaner that works surprisingly well) had been doing OK...until about 20 minutes before Tora started mewing.

Now, a huge sopping puddle stained my poor couch. Upon closer observation (why did I keep looking? I don't know. Morbid curiousity I suppose), I realized that the ring of stain overlapped three, count 'em, three other similar circles. Little Tora-cat had outdone herself. She drank two bowls of water dry to make that Venn diagram of cat pee evilness. my DW and I went (carefully, because her toe, while feeling considerably better, still isn't happy), to the LaZboy gallery. We found the chair we loved. Then we found it on sale. Then we got a slight discount because there was only one colour worth of it left (we didn't tell them that was our colour of choice....they didn't ask though). So we asked to buy 2.

I paced, DW sat, as the nice lady rang through our financing application. We both fretted, since student loans do horrible things to you, even when you ARE paying them off double-fast. The lady came back and said "I'm sorry, we can only approve you for $5000." Five thousand. Someone out there thinks they should lend us five thousand dollars! YIKES.

I quietly pointed out that the purchase, with delivery, was only $1420. "Oh, " said the nice lady, "so it is. Well that's fine then."

Wednesday, we get two LaZboy chairs. Yay us. (Shhhh....don't mention the cat....if she hears you thinking THAT, she might try it. Then we'd have no cat. I'm only half joking at this point.)

In knitting news, I managed to pick up 2 skeins of Fleece Artist for my good patient (my DW). I also got a shawl pattern, which she's happily casting on as I type. For myself, I picked up a vest I've been hoping to try, and 2 balls of Katia Venecia , in the blue colourway.

I'm going to try the dropped stitch scarf from SnB Nation. I've already cast on and done one pattern repeat, but I'm using 5.5 mm needles instead of 8.

I've also figured out bloglines, and have added the first half of the RAOK list to my blogline, making it east to keep up with you all.
Pictures to come. Off to knit now


Blogger Michele said...

Hi, I had a comment on my tag board that linked me back here. Diana was looking for a pattern for the lover's mitten so I'm pasting a link for her. I hope this is the right spot!

Good luck and enjoy the project! It's a big hit with the recipients of mine!

7:27 p.m.  
Blogger Cate said...

Hey there! Love your blog! Welcome to the RAOK ring. I'm adding you to my blogroll--it's nice to have another non-straight knitter on the ring (we're not the only ones, grin). I will say a prayer to the goddess of upholstery (Damaskia?) that the cat stays AWAY from the new furniture. Hugs, Cate ( now at )

12:18 a.m.  
Blogger um said...

hi there! i'm new to the raok ring as well, and wanted to give you a shout. i was interested in reading about your knitting club that you have started up in school. i've just started one up myself, for homeschoolers, and i really appreciated the tips you gave, as well as what i could gather between the lines. so thanks!

take care! and enjoy your new chairs :)

4:10 p.m.  

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