Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh dear Lady, let it not be too short!

Whhhheeeee! Cara at earth mother invited me to be part of a webring of Ontario knitters. I feel all happy and warm now.

Well, here I am, 15 lbs lighter. At this point, I swore I'd treat myself to some pampering. Unfortunately, my idea of pampering isn't always fun for me. yes, I realize it's weird. I went to get my hair cut. Now, for most women, this might indeed be a treat, but I've been fighting my hair...and my hairdressers....for as long as I can remember. You see, when i was about 10, my mother forced me to get a perm. I had straight hair. I liked straight hair. I wanted long gorgeous silky ankle length straight hair. My mom wanted a short perm. It would be "cute" and "easy to care for" while I was in the hospital for my then upcoming tonsillectomy.

It took a little too well. Does anyone out there remember the 80's poodle perm? Yup, that perm. AND the darling hairdresser sold my mom a "pick" for it, explaining that brushes and combs were passe. My new afro did not suit my milk and freckles skin, green eyes, and mouse brown hair. Not even a little.

It also did not grow out.

Never. My curls are much looser now, mostly because I grew my hair long enough that the weight pulls them out of their astro-boy angled wildness.

As it turns out, I also have the slowest growing hair known to man. Through high school, my hair was in the growing out "awkward" stage. In university, it was finally long enough to tie back.

Today, a very nice lady hair for me. I lost a couple of inches, OK, a number of inches. It used to reach mid back and now it's shoulder length; but I know from past experience that I'll have no idea how much shorter my hair will seem until tomorrow after it's gotten wet. Sneaky lady blew it straight for me. I feel like Daisy Duke right now.

It's fun. I keep tossing my head to watch my hair float lightly around my face. I can run my fingers through it without snagging. AND, may all the gods bless her, the woman actually realized I meant the following:

I have to be able to tie it into a ponytail
I part it in the middle, with a brush, when wet, and never touch it again.
and, most importantly
I don't use "product".

As a side note, is anyone else creeped out by the fact that hairdressers say "product" instead of naming the goop?

Well, I'm off to go indulge in some girly style primping. Since this is a once every few years thing (being girly..for some reason, I never have time, money, or know-how), I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest.

I just pray that it's not too too short tomorrow.


Blogger Nancy said...

Oh dear! I had the 80's poodle perm, but mine thankfully didn't last!

CONGRATS on losing the 15 pounds!!!


1:00 p.m.  
Blogger knittingfool said...

I can join the club - poodle forced by mom. Hmmmm - maybe that is part of the reason that I have always hated the "girly" thing - never equated the two!! Great job on the 15 lbs - anything in particular you are doing to loose? I just found out I have to get rid of at least 40.

12:28 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conga-Rats to you on the 15lbs!!! Are you going to find some fab new outfit to show it off?

Oh, and is it too short, or no? I am anxious to hear!

11:43 p.m.  

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