Monday, May 23, 2005


Hello fearless readers,

Sorry for the lag time in posting. I was involved in the school play, and ended up spending a lot of time memorizing lines, and even *gasp* rehearsing. One of our super-fantastic Drama teachers (a playwright in his own right) put on Up The Down Staircase. In it were parts for a number of teachers, including yours truly. I got to play Ella, a Guidance counsellor who believes passionately in Personality Profiles, and very little in anything else.

The play was fun, but exhausting. I had only a bit part - I can't imagine how the director felt. Poor man was likley tired nigh unto death. As a result of the tiredness, I hadn't posted. This is the May Two-Four weekend, for those of you not Canadian, "The twenty-fourth of May is the Queen's Birthday. If we don't get a holiday we'll all run away" - we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria - may she rest in peace- with...well..mostly beer and fireworks and a long weekend. I thought I'd relax and start posting again on Tuesday.

However, I was RAOK'd (random act of kindness'd) by Maryellen at Garrison's Garret . She sent me an adorable card with a cat on a green background, and a nifty piece of origami. She also mentioned that she was afraid that the kids with faces covered at my school were participating in a new teen trend. Then she looked at the pictures and realized how many of my students are Muslim.

But that got me thinking: 1)What crazy trends did you participate in as a teen? 2)What trends do you see happening around you, and how crazy do you think they'll become? 3)What imaginary trend, made up by you, can you convince at least one other person to try (and be photographed doing)?

Best answers to each question (most creative, most fun, most logical, best picture posted on your blog as proof) will receive a small prize from yours truly. You may enter in each category, but please explain clearly what your intended category is.

I'm going to wander off and start thinking of neat prizes.


Blogger Diane said...

What I think was the craziest trend that I participated in as a teenager in the mid 1980s, besides "big hair," was neon colored clothing. I had this neon pink cardigan like jacket with matching socks that I received as a gift for Christmas from my mom when I was a freshman in high school. I loved that outfit, which I wore with black stirrup pants. My mom has pictures of me in it--it was hideous! I recall having other neon colored clothing, but that pink jacket had to be the worst! Ugh!

Today I work with teens. I find it annoying that they wear clothing that is either way too large and baggy, or the reverse, wearing too small/tiny clothes (especially girls.)

10:04 p.m.  
Blogger Debbie said...

Gee I would like to post a picture but alas I am old. haha I am an old Hippie and polaroids just didn't last!
One crazy trend Big Bell Bottoms! We also wore fish net nylons and white go-go boots.

The piercing trend today is going to cause regrets when kids are older and skin starts sagging!!!

4:53 p.m.  
Blogger FaerieLady said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs... read your latest entry and decided to answer your questions since it's almost midnight and I can't sleep :-)

Warning, long comment line coming!

Well, it wasn't too long ago that I was a teenager! When I was in high school (mid-late 90s) it was the hair thing, but not big hair... dyed hair. I'm talking kool aid dyed neon hair, spiked. Of course, I *had* to do this, and be the only geek in the school (serious) with multicolored hair. My haircolor changed every two-three weeks. It was so outrageous that even though my picture was taken in my NJROTC uniform, I had to schedule an off-campus re-take of the photo in order to color my hair a natural color for the picture. For some reason, my mom didn't want my senior picture to be me in uniform with neon pink tips and spiked since my hair was only two inches long.

There really isn't any new "crazy trends" going on around here. It's the same old same old... baggy pants for guys, hiphuggers and studded belts and crop tops screaming such derogatory phrases as "easy queen" and other things that I doubt that most of these girls even know what they mean. Oh, and the showing thong strap phase right now. That's just disgusting.

I have a photograph around here somewhere of teaching WingNut how to spin, I'll try to find it and post it.

Oh, on the body piercings... those won't sag as long as the jewelry isn't sized up past an 4g piercing... the trend that bothers me is really young kids getting "off the wall" tattoos, in other words, the tattoo flash that is on the wall of a tattoo parlor. Please, that's pretty permanent unless you undergo painful removal techniques, so at least wait until you're sure you like it a LOT before sticking it on your body. Navel tatts are a bad idea for women (not just for pregnancy reasons) and full back tattoos, while cool, will always sag eventually. I advise the people I know wanting tattoos to print the picture to the right size and tape it onto their bodies using medical tape that breathes. Wear it for a week. Change it when you shower of course, and tack that baby back on. If you don't like it after a couple days, don't get it.


1:05 a.m.  
Blogger Marina said...

Neon coloure clothing? Ooo, we had that in the early '70s. Mother had just come back from London ... Carnaby Street to be specific, fashion capital of the world at that time.

The bright orange hot pants with suspenders & lime green poly shirt with dog-ear collar was mine. And you were supposed to wear platform shoes with those.

On the knitting front ... Please do not bring back, blousons, "bat wings" & Military-style pullovers & cardigan. You can see egs. of those on my blog, May 31st & June 1st.

7:58 a.m.  
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