Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday Morning Update

Good morning, bloggers and blog readers of the world!

It is officially March Break. That is a reason to be happy.

I have finally finished the Baby Blanket. THAT is a reason to be happy.

I also finished a tiny lil stuffed rabbit. THAT is a reason to be happy (and to recharge the camera batteries so that I can take pictures....tomorrow, I promise. He's adorable.)

A pack of blessings lights upon my back! (apologies to poor Will)

Aside from committing myself to speaking to you folks regularly, there are a couple of other things I want to do this week. First of all, I'd like to learn how to scare dust elephants. We have quite the herd rolling around the house, and I'm going to teach them to mosey along this week. My parents and siblings are coming for dinner Saturday night, so I have encouragement there. Perhaps I'll clean the rest of the house too.

Secondly, I'd like to redo the bathroom a little bit. I'm buying a new shower curtain today, but I may also pick up some edging, or paint, or something. DW says she'd rather not sink money into an apartment, but that if it makes me happy and she needs to do nothing, she won't object. Anyone got any ideas? The bathroom's about 6x6 (cramped and tiny), and currently painted glossy white, with a white toilet, white sink, and peachy tub. The countertop is white with browny swirls that I assume are intended to look like marble. I figure I can hide the tub with the curtain. I'm a little concerned about the gianormous crack running along the ceiling, around the non-functional fan, but there's very little I can do about that.

Third, I learning to spin this week. A lovely lady with the Ottawa Valley Spinners and Weavers guild said she might have time to take on a student this week, and will be getting back to me. Hey, it's March, do you think it's time I broke in the new spinning wheel? Me too.

Fourth, I'd like to walk, at least a little, every day this week. Or do some other exercisey thing. Did I mention I signed up to run a 5km race? No? Hmmm...maybe that's because I was embarrassed to admit it. I started walking/training last week. Wednesday I walked 3.5 km in an hour. Thursday I walked 4km in a little over an hour. Friday I hurt. Saturday I vegged. Sunday I allowed myself to wallow in not-doing-anythingness. I'm thinking perhaps I ought to try skipping the hurting, vegging, and wallowing, and stick with the walking.

Fifth, I'd like to COOK this week. I love cooking, and I'm decent at it, but I never seem to have the time. This week is an excellent break to stock the fridge/freezer with goodies for the stressful "Let's go out for supper instead" nights.

Sixth, I'd like to prepare some RAOKs to send out next week. Not this week, when I have absolutely no cash (yes, I realize that redoing the bathroom costs money...shhhhh), but next week, when I can afford to do so.

Finally, I'd like to get all of my marking done. Yes, I know, it's a pipe dream. Especially since I'm counting assembling yearbook pages as part of marking. But, nonetheless, it's a goal.

You know what I love MOST about goals? Do you? Huh, huh, do you? They give you such a lovely, consistent, quantitative measurement of exactly HOW guilty you should be feeling about goofing off.

You know what I like most about guilt? Ignoring it until it goes away.

Slothfully yours,


Anonymous Kari Holtz said...

I saw on a show one time (I think it was HGTV's Room by Room), where they paint the linoleum in a small bathroom and made it look really pretty. Don't know what kind of flooring you have but thought I would throw it out there.

2:17 p.m.  
Blogger unfound love said...

I am also a knitter and I like your work. Good luck with your bath room

5:38 p.m.  
Blogger Orris said...

Thanks for the neat idea Kari. Unfortunately, part of the apartment's lease indicates that we can't change anything that would be light coloured paint and easily strippable borders is it.

6:08 p.m.  

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