Monday, September 26, 2005

Secret Pals are great!

Hello folks!

I suddenly realized that my poor secret pal must be wondering if I've dropped off the face of the earth. I haven't; I'm still here!

In knitting news, I'm about 1/2 done a sweater in Jame C. Brett's Marble yarn. You can see the colourway here. Isn't it pretty? I'm heavily modifying the Kool-Aid dyed sweater from Stitch n Bitch. I sized up multiple sizes (so i'm terrified about fudging hte sleeves). I thought it would be HUGE on me, but no, it looks like it's a dear wife present. Thank heavens we like similar colours and textures.

I ordered the Cascading Hearts shawl pattern and yarn from Nandia. I'm not sure if I trust my ability to knit lace, especially with cashmere, but hey, it's worth a shot, eh? Besides, at least ripping out and untangling knots will feel lovely.

School is again eating up my time, although I may have worked a tiny lil trick to allow for extra blogging. I've assigned blogs to my English classes. They will create and maintain a bog, in character, for a semester. Computer lab time once every two weeks ought to help. Wheeeee!

As for the new house, it's nice. I love having a fireplace, and I adotre having more rooms. We're finding that the single huge room upstairs, with no seating, isn't being used enough though, so we're working on rearranging it til it does.

Now that I'm back at school, pictures of knitting and such will be forthcoming, as the yearbook camera does double duty. Stay tuned...I will actually be on more often.

For the lovely secret pal type person, I am terribly sorry that I have seemed to be awol. I do read email, I just seem to cut blogging in order to knit.



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