Thursday, October 06, 2005



My lovely secret pal sent me a giftie which arrived today. Thank you thank you thank you! Inside was tea-tree and ginger facial scrub (mmmm...ginger) which smells lovely, a gorgeous purple bracelet that perfectly matched the dress I wore today, some polka-dotted post-it type notes (so very handy for aiding in following patterns) and...most interesting...some locking stitch markers.

Now, I will confess, I have absolutely no clue what one is SUPPOSED to use locking stitch markers for, although the picture on the package shows them festooning a sweater. I think, however, that you probably use them on things like shawls and sweaters to mark where you need to pick up stitches, or which row you should drop a stitch down to.

You know what that means, dearest readers? That's right! It means I need a new project, one which requires locking stitch markers. What's that, you say? I'm terrible at math (even worse than the Harlot and her 8 mistakes?). Why yes, yes I am. But I'm also gutsy! I'll start any project, any project at all, I will. (shhh...don't talk about finishing projects)

Oh! Speaking of finishing projects, I got a giggle today. My mom called. She's bored with a project, and wanted to know if I wanted to finish it for her. She was attempting to make thrummed mittens for my sister, currently studying in Germany. Instead, she found that thrumming is "boring. Really really boring. Like, I'd rather type on the computer, it's THAT boring."

Why did I giggle, you ask? Remember that lovely thrummed headband I was making last winter?'s hidden in the desk drawer from whence projects tend not to return. To give you an idea of how's below ALL the socks.

Sooooo....anyone got any ideas for a lockable stitch marker project that won't inhabit a desk?


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